Lisa Miskovsky

Lisa Miskovsky born 9 March 1975 on Obbola, Umeå in Sweden. Miskovsky performed the theme song “Still Alive” for Mirror’s Edge, a first person action-adventure video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE). A remix album titled Still Alive – the Remixes was released on 11 November 2008 to coincide with the North American release date of Mirror’s Edge. The album featured Miskovsky’s original version.

Lisa Miskovsky quickly placed herself on the Swedish rock music charts with her debut album Lisa Miskovsky and single “Driving One Of Your Cars”, with Swedish releases in 2001.

Miskovsky is a songwriter as well as a singer and musician, had the original idea and wrote the lyrics to “Shape of My Heart”.

Music Style:Luxury(JP)

The following Englishment.

“It is a common thing,there is a nameless artist in Japan to release quite good music. An artist introducing it this time is the artist who is not very well known in Japan for some reason.

Her name is Lisa Miskovsky(Risa Minkohusukii) lol

She is an artist from Sweden,and releases three pieces of albums and the best board(disk?) now.

I think that her music is a melody of the Japanese tastes. Why is she nameless in Japan?”


彼女の名は「Lisa Miskovsky」(リサ・ミスコフスキー)


As for her being not being famous in Japan, there is no help for it. Anyway the Japanese major popular song is this.


The Japanese song does not need to be interested in abroad instead.


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