Jeogeot Walking 1

I knew that baker explored the same place before than me and became very glad. His description about  mainland is enormous.

(A) I came over to Black Drake of Jeogeot Continent. It is the place where my sis gets on jeep the other day, and it went to here.

 from  A HENな飴玉

Hahaha,the way of such a row of trees associates my hometown 🙂 This whole area is Brain Wash *** Green Field ***(Brain Wash Resorts and Parks).

(B) It is Brain Wash *** Art Centre ***  mentioned with blog of baker here. Because it is a BASIC account, I cannot enter there.  I don’t become the premium account till LL solves the problem of the copy bot.

The north side of the mountain cannot enter it, too.

(C) I detoured around a mountain in the south. In there, beautiful scenery opened. 

Skyhighatry Designs :: Molecular Estates
Anjin & Elzbiet Meili’s playground, home of the NEW Sculpty Garden, and Sweet Sculpties Sandbox.

A long mountain stream is very impressive.

The rock of many kinds is sold here.

A castle soars on the south opposite bank of the waterway. Mostly that kind is Closed to the Public.  As a result of having accessed a castle, the hypothesis was a correct answer.

I moved to the east.

(D) Khisanth Gardens & Coastal Trails ~ nokithecat ,,,=^_^=,,, SLX

Even if I boarded the airship, it did not move.

I rediscovered some interesting places on this continent 🙂

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10 Responses to Jeogeot Walking 1

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  2. Another fwiw:
    In my blog, Nowtown (next to Zen City) is also the *hometown* of Robert Plant Variant, then known as Little Robert Plant Variant. The real or non-variant Robert Plant has beautiful blonde hair like yourself.

    Again according to the blog, he moved to Sternberg after growing up a bit and becoming not-so-Little to sing the blues, at a place, supposedly, called the Bluesfabrik, a real, virtual place there at one time. Robert69 Little is real as well, although I didn’t know about him when I made up that Robert Plant Variant sang in Sternberg.
    Then the variant Plant moved to Sunklands (south of Sternberg), where I still live now. He gave up his career in Led Zeppelin at that time, sacrificing it to a greater cause. In the blog it’s called: giving up the Zeppelin tube.

    And Plant was not the only such rock star variant to come to Sunklands.

    Sorry, I’ll be quiet now. The hometown thing created a resonance.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    Robert Anthony Plant was a member of Led Zeppelin.
    And variant Plant is Robert69 Little(Ron Bizzle ).

    Is my judgment wrong?

  4. Eh, hehe. None are they same. They’re like tuning forks.

    Some tuning forks work better than others… best example I can think of off the top of my head.

    But, yeah, it’s not really Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin but a “tuning fork variant”, and for a particular reason.

    I don’t know Ron Bizzle personally, but it’s interesting that he has the name “Robert Little” in SL with a 6 and a 9 betwee. Turn a 6 upside down and you have a 9, just like you can switch Robert and Little names to get Little Robert (Plant Variant). The names, however, are otherwise unrelated: I knew nothing of Robert 69 Little when I created Little Robert Plant Variant of Nowtown/Zen City last summer. But now they are connected through Sternberg and the blues (music).

    Once more, fwiw. 🙂

  5. ujiyasu says:

    I revisited the outskirts.
    There is Zen Town…Zen City?
    I was confused a little 🙂

  6. baker says:


    I wanted to get over here today and clarify a bit. Thanks again for a reply. 🙂

    Yes, you are correct: it’s Zen Town instead of Zen City in actuality. I had to teleport to the land myself to check. If I remember correctly, I must have corrupted it as Zen City to balance it with Nowtown, which is a totally fictional name. ‘

    Long story short, the two names in tandem refer to one of Robert Plant’s more popular solo albums called “Now and Zen”…

    … if I remember correctly, the idea of inserting Robert Plant as a variant at Nowtown (just below Zen City, and on the Brainwash property you mention, including the road with the nice row of trees you pointed out in particular) came from its proximity with Zen town or Zen City, but not exclusively. Another direction — trying not to get too involved in this comment — is the central parcel of a place I call Crabwoo (another fictional name, but a real SL “community” or at least it was) called Kashmir, after a famous Led Zeppelin song from their Physical Graffiti album.

    So I had my variant Robert Plant being born in Nowtown, going through his boyish adventures there (comic, mostly), and then moving to Sternberg to begin his mature career as a singer. He was suppose to meet a variant Jimmy Page there

    and begin a variant Led Zeppelin career I suppose. But this was not to happen (in my fiction), as the Zeppelin tube came into play. This term has multidimensional origins as well, including mention within a comedy album from a group called Firesign Theatre.

    But I think I’ve gone on enough. I’ll attempt to create a post on my blog soon that will hopefully better outline the life of variant Robert Plant within SL according to my blog, if just for a practice in fleshing things out better (maps of Nowtown, etc.). Btw, he hasn’t been around since the end of November. I’ll deal with that disappearance in the soon-to-be-created post as well.

    Thanks again,

  7. ujiyasu says:

    I may think what I will agree with in Japanese environment. However, I noticed it though the same thing was performed in the English environment.

    It is totally natural.

    There was another way of enjoying SL there. baker,it is a very high experience for Japanese me.

    Thank you for your detailed explanation 🙂

  8. I attempt to entertain.

  9. ujiyasu says:

    Good! 🙂

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