GM agreed with Spyker for sale


GM agreed with Spyker for sale  from DN.SE

General Motors and Spyker Cars has reached a binding agreement to buy the Dutch car manufacturer Saab Automobile.

“Today’s announcement is good news for Saab’s employees, dealers and suppliers, good news for millions of Saab customers and supporters worldwide.And good news for GM, “said John Smith, GM’s vice president for business planning, in a press release shortly after the clock 19, Swedish time, was placed on the corporate website.

According to GM, it will form a new company, Saab, Spyker, Automobiles, where Spyker is the owner.

The press release writes that GM is working hard and creatively with Spyker Cars and the Swedish government to reach an agreement that secures a sustainable future for “this unique brand to icon status.”

“We all know the joy of this positive result,” it further.

According to GM can deal with Spyker to be completed and fully implemented in mid-February, if everything goes according to plan.

It remains now for the Swedish Government to look further into the shop and then be able to decide whether it stands for the loan guarantee is required for the European Investment Bank (EIB) loans for the Saab Spyker Maud Olofsson declared shortly after GM’s announcement that the government has already decided on Tuesday to say yes to state guarantees for the EIB loan to Saab.

Then there is that although the Bank and the EU Commission approves the loan.

According to Eva Srejberg, deputy director of the Bank, the Bank shall make its own assessment of the business case before a decision on Saab Spyker as the owner can borrow.

– We have with us that the Debt Office and the government has a positive vision of Spyker and has decided to provide loan guarantees, “she said.

Bank investigates financial, contractual structures and that the project loan is expected to remain valid.

How long such a review can take Eva Srejber not want to say something about.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf quoted a source from the news agency Bloomberg as saying that Spyker will pay a total of 350 million to General Motors, Saab. Den största delen av betalningen ska ske i aktier i den nya koncernen Saab Spyker.

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