Jeogeot Driving 1

Jeogeot is the southwestern most continent on the Second Life grid. baker Blinker’s Weblog reports it about Jeogeot in detail. When I visited this continent before, it was a continent in confusion without a public road. The those days had many shops for adults here. And there was much land of access restrictions, too and had trouble with movement. Therefore, I remember that I gave up the exploration of this continent on the way.

At the present when adult connection moved to Zindra, how did this continent change? This continent originally has very few public institutions because it was built in haste. A purpose of my exploration is to look for a good scene. My this exploration may be over immediately in this sense.

(A) I did TP just before an island of the northwest of the continent.

I cross the bridge from there to the island. This public road is Route10. Because my Jeep is wearable, I do not choose the rezzing point.

Route10 is monotonous.

The reason why there is a private road in many places will be that there are few public roads.

(B) Route 10 Rez Zone. It’s brusque in comparison with Heterocera’s one.

(C) Oh,griefing!!

Perhaps the ringleader is employed on this land. A noisy beep sound continues sounding when I enter this land.

The public road has a big step of the joint of the pavement, and  my jeep sometimes jumps up.

There was a Japanese settlement(lol) in these outskirts. Ah、They expected it by oneself.

I saw a tunnel. 

However, my jeep was flicked out on the way by the tunnel and went up the bottom to the land on the run.

There is not the impression particularly…

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7 Responses to Jeogeot Driving 1

  1. baker says:

    Hey, I want a wearable jeep! I luv my wearable bike but not enamored with the vehicles you actually have to drive.

    Great post and pics here. I wasn’t very impressed with Jeogeot at first either… that would be in 2008. Interesting comments about the adult content of the continent; I’ve certainly noticed a lot of Zindra abandoned land in recent explorations.

    Fwiw, that one place you pass in your jeep
    is the… well, let’s say it’s been talked about a lot in my blog. 🙂 I’m a bit of a sucker for bad building, perhaps because I can certainly identify!

    Eager to see where you head next! 🙂

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Hi,baker 🙂
    The jeep is sold in my friend’s shop in following slurl.

    But,the wearable jeep is distinctive in drivenness. It does not move like the car which used physics smoothly. The jeep is late for the operation of the key and reacts.

    On the other hand, this needs not to be lost by contact to the access limit line. And the place getting on Jeep is free.This is jeep for the exploration.

    Pioneer of the grand Jeogeot exploration,baker ,I may follow some your traces.

    Hahaha,Kou? Because he is haughty and does only pride, I give him a wide berth 🙂

  3. baker says:


    I am very happy to know you and thanks for the reply again.

    I would be honored if you studied my Jeogeot tales even a little, but I will admit they are hard to understand even by my English speaking friends. I’m not a linear type person but hop around from subject to subject, like in a maze or, more hopefully, a spiral or a labyrinth (a type of spiral). I’m a long ways from getting where I want to be, but I may be on Jeogeot to stay anyway — a *center.*

    SL explorers who are also bloggers are few, sadly. It took me a long time to find your blog and Kou’s blog because of the language barriers. I’m very glad to know of your efforts now.

    Thanks for the tip about the jeep.

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Yeah,There is surely the language barriers. I think that there are some methods of the conquest.

    The thing which it uses many snapshots and figures, and demand understanding by the sight.

    Or Japanese some use the blog part of google translation.

    Unfortunately the Japanese has a remarkable gap in spoken language and the written language.

    Most of Japanese bloggers describe their blogs by spoken language. Their avatar is the features young both inworld.

    Therefore, they want to use the young Japanese spoken language. The actual situation may be past middle age from a middle-age 🙂

    Such an unnatural words are puzzled even with a Japanese.

    This is many Japanese inworld strange characteristic lol

  5. Thanks again. I suppose google translations will get better over time. I noticed that Kou Umaga’s mention of my blog (which I found about 5 minutes ago) states the name as “Heterocera3 bakery” and something about being a lesbian.

    “Lesbian” and “bakery” are two English words I would not use to describe anything, really, about my blog, hehe! (nothing against lesbians, per se, or bakeries!).

    I find it funny. 🙂
    A link within his post to my blog would have helped, though.

    Will catch up with your archived posts soon.

    baker (without the “y”!)

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Hello 🙂
    He wrote an article of the ultranationalism recently.I feel an old self-righteous Japanese in his sentence. He criticized my English.

    He insisted that the overseas people could understand his blog by many snapshots and the overuse of the chart.

    And he insists when blog of his own receives high needs assessment in the world. I cannot understand him lol.

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