Cat’s Special specifications tram

I saw myuki and Cat in front of a shop of myuki in the evening. Cat seems to have come over to here to buy Hazedon(Tram).


Cat ordered her favorite color and  Texture specially. The tram is a pink color,and  treats Texture of the footprint of the cat. It’s lovely “Neko”tram 🙂


The color of the seat is wonderful, too.


After the completion of the tram, we started on a trial run at once. As for special specifications tram of Cat, a name was changed in “Nyazedon”. “Nya” is Japanese, and it is the cry of cat. The original meaning of Hazedon is unidentified. Perhaps it may be a name to be connected with a generation of myuki which is considerably older than me.


Sadako and woo increased, and we stayed up late by the topic of the pet afterwards.



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