Japan which has begun to ruin herself

Japan Vote for New Mayor Threatens Base from WSJ

TOKYO—An opponent of a proposed U.S. military base on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa won a closely fought mayoral election Sunday, putting the project in jeopardy and threatening to further strain bilateral relations between the two allies.

The election, in the small rural town of Nago was a de facto referendum on a plan by the U.S. government to adjust American military positioning in Okinawa, shifting resources away from heavily populated areas of the island to a more rural portion.

Washington had reached agreement on the plan with the previous Japanese government. But the current Japanese prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, who took office in September, has expressed reluctance to go ahead with the deal, saying repeatedly he wanted to “hear the voices of people of Okinawa.” He has said he would make a final decision on the project in May.

Sunday’s election doesn’t necessarily kill the plan. The governor of Okinawa and the national government could continue with the project over the objections of the community. But the vote will make it more difficult politically for Mr. Hatoyama to accept U.S. demands.

Finding an alternative location will be “extremely difficult” for Mr. Hatoyama’s government, he said, adding: “We spent the last 13 years looking, but weren’t able to find any such place.”

The U.S. State Department had no immediate comment on the election results.

A spokesman for the U.S. embassy in Tokyo said: “We congratulate Mr. Inamine on his victory.” He declined to say any more about the vote. Privately, people familiar with the administration’s Japan policy stressed that the central government, not the local government, has the power to decide the issue, and the mayoral election has no legal impact, since the prefectural governor—who has supported the base move—is the one who would sign the needed permits.

Of the 33,000 U.S. troops stationed in Japan, around 21,000 are currently on Okinawa. The island’s people have depended on U.S. bases to provide jobs and spur their economy. But they have also borne costs, including a 2004 helicopter crash at an island university and the 1995 rape of a local schoolgirl by three U.S. servicemen.

But the new national government, led by the Democratic Party of Japan, put the plans on hold. Mr. Hatoyama has said he wanted to see the result of the Nago election before making a decision on whether to go ahead with the relocation.

The base issue has long divided this town of 60,000. A majority of its voters in a 1997 referendum rejected an airfield plan. Since then, three mayors favoring the facility have won elections.

Supporters of hosting the new facility said the local community would continue to receive generous financial compensation. Tokyo, as part of its agreement to build the airfield, has pumped $900 million into Nago’s economy to fund everything from a tax haven for financial back-office operations to a dolphin theme park.

The victor in Sunday’s vote, Mr. Inamine, campaigned on a platform of wanting to encourage more tourism in Nago instead of counting on aid from Tokyo. The area has become a destination for mainland tourists who dive on its coral reefs and trek in its tropical forests. The waters off Camp Schwab are a feeding ground for dugongs, a marine animal related to manatees, that are in danger of extinction in Japan. Opponents of the new base say it would threaten that habitat.

新任市長は沖縄基地を脅かす ウォールストリートジャーナルより







日曜日の選挙が、計画を必ずしもつぶすというわけではない。沖縄知事と中央政府は、地方の異議にかかわらず、プロジェクトを再開することができる。 しかし、反対票は政治的に鳩山氏が米国の要求を受け入れることをより難しくした。

オバマ政権は、合意に固執するために、ここ数月にわたって一定した圧力を鳩山氏にかけていた。 しかし元外交官田中均は言う。




日本に配置される33,000名の米軍のうち、約21,000名は、現在沖縄に駐留している。 島の人々は、仕事を提供して、彼らの経済に拍車をかけるために、米軍基地に依存しました。 しかし、彼らは1995年に3人の米国軍人による地元の女子学生の強姦事件と2004年の大学へのヘリコプター墜落を含む被害も蒙った。

日本での大方の地域で米軍が強引に見えないように気を使ってアメリカは日本でその軍事プレゼンスを維持する方法を見つけるためにそれらの事件以来奮闘していた。 日曜日の市長選挙の焦点であった2006年の協定は、混雑した都市地域にあるヘリコプター基地を閉めることと引きかえに名護の外で新しい米海兵隊施設を建設することが必要だ。 名護は、海兵隊のキャンプシュワブがある;2006の計画は、それに隣接して大きなV型の滑走路を敷設することを要求していた。 


基地問題は、人口60,000のこの町を大きく分断した。 1997年の国民投票における大多数のその有権者は、離着陸場計画を拒絶した。 それ以来、施設を支持している3人の市長は、選挙に勝ってきた。

新施設の受け入れ支持者は、地元のコミュニティが政府からの気前よい財政的な補正を当てに出来ると言った。 東京は、滑走路を建設するその合意の一部として、財政的なバックオフィス活動のためのタックスヘイブンからイルカテーマパークまですべてに資金を供給するために、9億ドルを名護の経済に注ぎ込んできた。 

日曜日の票(イナミネ氏)の勝者は、東京から援助を期待する代わりに、名護でより多くの観光旅行を促したいプラットホームで運動した。 地域は、その珊瑚礁の上に飛び込んで、その熱帯雨林を旅する本土観光客のための目的地になった。 キャンプシュワブを離れた海はジュゴンのための餌場だ。そして、日本で絶滅の危険にさらされている海洋動物マナティーに関係がある。 新しい基地の反対者は、それがその生息地を脅かすと言う。


All the Japanese will pay the reckoning of this election. It is because there is the cause of this problem to the Japanese who does not own the firm trust and knowledge in the Japan-U.S. alliance. The importance of the US base of Okinawa is the same for Korea,Taiwan,Philippines without only in Japan.

The situation that the election of the Mayor opposition alone collapses Japan-U.S. alliance is not usually thought about. It is not thought that a district participates in national security in the common nation. However, the danger increases very much this time.

The Japanese incompetent prime minister and the ignorant nation plunge an alliance into a crisis and drive Japan into the natural decay.This is tragedy for a Japanese, but, seeing from foreign countries, it is only a comedy.

However, this may not be special for Japan. Japan repeated many odd mistakes in history.

The Japanese citizen lost  2atom bombs demands apology from U.S.A. However, Japan is an assailant of World War II first. Japan sets a quarrel in the world and is  defeated, and demand apology from the winner. When we are missing in a feeling of sincere reflection in this, it is criticized from the world.


反対派市長一人の当選が日米同盟を崩壊させる事態は通常考えられない。 国家の安全保障に地方が関与することは普通の国家では考えられないからだ。しかし今度はその危険が非常に増大している。



原爆を落とされた日本の市民は米国に謝罪を要求する。しかし最初に日本は第二次大戦の加害者という立場を忘れている。 日本は世界に喧嘩を仕掛けて敗北し、勝者に謝罪を要求する。これでは我々は真摯な反省の気持に欠けると世界から批判される。

Battleship Yamato of Imperial Japanese Navy anchors in 1942region. Many Japanese who looked are pleased with this. However, there are few people knowing how about the military service of this battleship.
“The Japanese constructed the world’s greatest battleship.”
There are many Japanese who are proud of this battleship. But is it true?
We can understand that this battleship seems not to be told proudly if we read Wiki.


The destroyer to fight back to by anti-aircraft fire to protect Yamato is admirable. Perhaps the destroyer was attacked and sunk at a blow.

I am sincere, I feel uneasy about the Japanese future.

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