H8 Motors Express Co.

I like this train sold in H8 Motors. However, I had a hard time a little to examine the identity of this train.


It found this flickr and was settled.


This was the tram which ran at Lisbon of Portugal. Because it was written as LCAMOES 28 in a floating text displayed on a vendor, I was confused. 28?  Yeah,it is Route28. L CAMOES is the place name called Plaza L-Camoes.

ポルトガルの首都リスボンを走るトラムでした。ベンダー上のフローティングテキストにはLCAMOES 28とあったのでまたまた混乱しましたが、28系統のことです。L CAMOESはPlaza L-Camoesという地名のことですね。

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2 Responses to The H8 L CAMOES

  1. Dusky Jewell says:

    I recently upgraded the textures on the H8 Motors L. Camoes tram.

    Dusky Jewell
    H8 Motors Owner

  2. ujiyasu says:

    I must watch it which was upgraded.

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