The Chinese human rights activist who lives in Japanese airport

Chinese human rights activist was refused return home by the Chinese government. And stays at in Japanese Narita Airport now. His name is Feng Zhenghu. His airport stay already passed by 80th.
“I return to China early and want to see a family waiting in Shanghai”
He said.

Feng who continued democratization, human rights activity in China was restricted in last February by the Chinese public peace authorities. It was released that he stayed abroad till it was past June 4,The 20th anniversary Tiananmen Square incident by a condition.

He visited Japan by the relationship that his younger sister lived in Japan in April. He was going to go back to his own country, but it continued being refused the entrance over eight times afterwards in the Chinese government. He began staying on November 4 in a lobby in front of the passport control ground to show intention of the protest. Because there were not a store or a break institution, he tided over hunger in city water for first several days. Feng sent the situation put own in “Twitter” from his PC.

The tourist and supporters who watched it started support of the food to him. He eats a cookie and cup noodles now.
“Because there wasn’t hot water, I ate cup noodles with water. Because a Taiwanese friend gave an electric pot, I can eat a warm thing now. Because I got the sleeping bag, it is not cold”.
He said.

Included the country in China in these two months, and he got a reader of more than 12,000. He intends to continue an airport living till return home is realized.

“We do not get the legal step as far as the person himself does not have intention of the entrance (to Japan)”
Tokyo Immigration Bureau Narita Airport branch office said.

His recent twitter is as follows.(Chinese → English)

17:00, and my sister called to tell: Last night, 21:00 embassy officials to call about 10 o’clock this morning she was met at the Embassy to communicate about. She met with the Embassy a consul and a first-class clerks, some of them to my sister about my situation, and to convey her care. I told my sister: If the embassy officials call again, you can convey it to my reply and welcome their coming here to communicate directly.

13:00 to 14:00, lunch break where I was exposed to the sun. There is no sun for several days, this can be bathed in sunlight.

11:35 Sound of Hope radio host live interviews with about half an hour. They care about the airport I was in Japan 81 days of sleeping, as well as I recently to the Chinese leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, to write the letter. I told them that the letter is included with every day along with the Japanese official documents referred to, has the first 51.

The morning, receive a “Feng Zheng-hu views of the Government of Japan,” Japanese translation of a text, I will forward it to some friends in Japan and other Japanese media. This is my first public view of the Government of Japan, in the past when I interview the general to avoid this problem. Now, it should let the Japanese government face up to this event.

google incident has shocked the Japanese, the credibility of allegations of large international companies is high, the Japanese are talking about Chinese hackers penetrated human rights activists Gmail account thing. The day before yesterday, my Chinese human rights activists have also been particularly concerned about the Japanese police take the initiative to care about whether I have been subjected to abuse the network, just a few days ago of the harassment, let Japanese police investigate a good bar.

After 24:00 the night before, I try my e-mail, was found again normal. A normal day yesterday, and today can be used. From mobile phones to e-mail attack is probably a temporary end of bar. I do not know is the harassment of those who received your hands, or Japan to strengthen the network preparedness?

I am the best way to deal with these harassers is to be suspended. Standby e-mail, so that my work will not be affected. Also, I am very interested with the harassment of those who play games, watch them when sent to the Folly. Last call riots, too, successive attacks on a few days, there is no harvest, ask for uninteresting, and not have to play longer.

My e-mail have a good few days could not land, even if Microsoft gave me a new password, After several moments they could not land. In fact, not a password issue is the harassment of non-stop attacking this in the mail, although he was unable to invade mailbox, but entered the wrong password a high frequency would result in mail automatically suspended.

80 days sleeping outside of Japan to commemorate the photo

Fill: Mr Hu to the Chinese government is being transmitted to January 21 the Japanese official documents (Total 50)


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