The mountains of Hakodate : Ezo-Matsuyama

The home where I live inworld is an island among the forest. Because it will approach the hometown for my admiration. I seem to adapt myself to the cold place…

The lower photographs from   北海道と越後の山

Ezo-Matsuyama mt. I looked at this mountain every day till I graduated from a senior high school and was brought up. I didn’t know that there was a mountain trail to this mountain. This mountain above the sea level 600m is steep unexpectedly.

A golf course approaches the south side foot of a desolate mountain. It was wintry scenery, but I watched this mountain in every winter. Here is generally a scene far apart from the Japanese image. Because I was brought up in this land, I may not seem to be a Japanese lol.

It is so the subarctic zone here. Some foxes  and brown bears live in here. Low, striped bamboo grows other than the trees which died.  The wind it streams down the slope of the mountain, and to blow the town. I remember numb those days and long.

Here is the origin of my heart. And this scenery is a treasure for me.


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