The Japanese who shuts itself up

pawpaw printed an article about Imperial Station in his blog. I talk with pawpaw well recently,he has the same opinion about what I am concerned about.

After all it is isolation in the Japanese inworld. Most Japanese will argue about it.
“We do not stand alone.We expect it by ourself and quit contact with the foreigner!!”
However, according to overseas people occupying the majority, it is isolation lol.

 This is not to have been limited to SL particularly. Even if the Japanese lives in the foreign countries, they harden and make a Japanese town. It is a reason for the difference that a language / customs / the temperament is remarkable. The exception will be business, a scholar, diplomat degree.

When we made a name called “the SL explorer ,”is the Japanese recognized in SL with the genre only pawpaw? The explorer seems to have a mission to introduce the result into elsewhere. Therefore communicative competence that is the ability of the language is found. Why is pawpaw recognized from the foreign countries? He abolished the spoken language that was common among most Japanese SL blog. The Japanese spoken language is because the interpreter is totally unable to manage it. He uses Japanese suitable for translation.

pawpawさんが線路は続くよ【北大陸 II】でImperial Stationを取り上げてくれてました^^。最近pawpawさんとよく話すのですけれども、あたしが気になってることをpawpawさんも気付いてるようなんですね。




よく日本人同士で「最近SL人減ったよねーw」とか言っているのを聞きますが、それは日本人が減っただけのことでしょう^^ どんなに多くても2000人、毎日INしているような人が数百人の世界では数人減っても多く減ったように感じるのかも知れません。



I look at a Japanese town of Lapara in complicated thought. Nothing still changes with Japanese having closed the country in the early modern times.

The early modern times, the Japanese shut in a Dutchman in the small island and traded. The Japanese shuts himself/herself up in this SIM by oneself now lol.



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2 Responses to The Japanese who shuts itself up

  1. June Trefoil says:

    Thank you for this post.

    I find it very, very difficult to construct an English sentence for translation into Japanese.

    You will laugh:
    – I make my English sentence.
    – I translate it in Google or Yahoo
    – I say “oh! that looks Japanese, this is good”
    – Then I translate it back to English to see what it looks like
    – I say “Oh no! Is this right???”
    – I make a new sentence to try again


    Many times, I give both the English and Japanese sentences!

    I learn to avoid using “you”. That does not seem to translate very well.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Many Japanese are poor at English including me. They who were talked to in English do embarrassment and a vague smile. And they say between Japanese.
    “Talk in Japanese!!”

    There is Japan in the important crossroads in not only SL but also RL. The inappropriate action of Toyota is exposed to criticism from the world.

    I think to it have a problem in the Japanese society. We Japanese must talk with world people in English.

    However, unfortunately there are very few Japanese speaking English even in SL.

    My inappropriate English may often cause misunderstanding. I may understand it by the indication from natives.

    Anyway the English education in the Japanese school was useless. lol

    It is necessary for the Japanese to change closedown society into it of the opening first 🙂

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