Heterocera : Griefings

There was Griefing. It in an interval of Maritime branch line and Route5,Cisthene region.

Heterocera大陸東部のMaritime branch lineとRoute5の舗装工事中の地点でグリーフィングが起きてましたw

There was similar Griefing in Tussock. In the track top that it diverges from Tussock railyard to the north, and break off. Are these acts related to construction of LDPW? Are they harassment to LDPW?

The person via these neighborhood please be cautious.

Tussock railyardから北へ分岐して途切れている線路上でも同様のグリーフィングが行われていました。これはLDPWの工事と何か関係あるのかな?LDPWへの嫌がらせ?


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