Goth Skin

The information staff of Bare@Rose,Sadako found myuki which talked with me in Imperial and dropped in.  The bold clothes of Sadako do not seem to be unpleasant. It is a cause that her goth skin is splendid as for it.


I had a terrible image for goth skin so far. I watched her, and the image changed to good one. Block myuki expecting the explanation of the locomotive,I asked Sadako about her skin. Her skin seems to be made-to-order. It of her is not the conventional skin and shape that the frame of the face crops out in the dark.

今までゴスのスキンというと海外のなんかはゴツくて恐ろしいイメージとか持ってたんだけどすっかりそんなイメージは飛んでしまいましたねw 機関車の説明をしたいmyukiさんを遮って質問しまくってしまいましたww 綺麗なスキンはオーダーメイドだそうでなるほど暗くしても顔の変な影が出ません。

My sis got information from Sadako at once and tried the skin and a shape. It was finished in the image why I could be satisfied with.

でもってサブアカに早速Sadakoさんに教えて貰った店へ行ってゴス系スキンのDemoを試してみました。ヘアがいまいち合ってませんがこんな感じになるのね。ってか同梱のシェイプが良くてそれにも満足^^ 今までサブアカのシェイプは散々いじってたんだけどしっくり来なくてww

My sis returned to normal skin, but the shape just uses it which is new.


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