China does not understand “the effect of the good government”

China does not understand “the effect of the good government”  Christopher Francis Patten


British Conservative Party member of the Upper House who acted as “Governor-General last Hong Kong” for 1992-97 years,The Oxford University president,Chris Patten accepted the interview of the Japanese newspaper(Sankei News JP).
“The developed nations should continue a participation policy to China. However, it must not be unprincipled. China causes the result that is disadvantageous to oneself constructively if not concerned with the global community”.
He warned it.

—How do you survey a China’s economy?

“It extends in the past in the 18th century during the 20th century that a China’s economy was the number one in the world. Of the gross domestic product (GDP) world until 1820 China and India almost occupied half. Because the China has a serious problem, the world faces a difficult problem”.

—What is the problem?

“Primarily it is a problem of the disproportion of the world economy called an American debt and the Chinese excess of exports. It of the financial crisis is a cause. The other countries will have a problem including a rising nation as far as China continues guiding yuan cheaply. It raises an inflation risk in the country in China. When each country has to share sovereignty to wrestle with a global problem, the second problem is that China behaves like the in front of small-sized Bush U.S.A. government. The third problem is  doubt whether continue economic developing how without China revolutionizing the political system”.

—China controlled discussion in COP15 of the last year.

“We cannot let China hold itself responsible for all. However, the one of the main reasons that were not possible in the global community stepped into, agreeing was surely China. If a certain country becomes the large country politically economically,it becomes the profit of one’s country to induce the world to be stable. However, China does not yet understand good government and a stable correlation”.

—Does it have unreasonableness to continue economic growth under the Communist Party autocracy system?

“Google refused censorship of the Chinese government and they began last examination from China. It is an impressive example. I do not think that China can continue the political method in the long term. There is a fresco of Ambrogio Lorenzetti,The Italian painter of the Middle Ages “The effect of the good government” and “An allegory of the misgovernment”.Rule of law brings good government, and the absence brings misgovernment. China does not have the rule of law, and there is the rule of the party.  China does not become the political pluralism soon (in the essential meaning). However, the economy that advanced demands accountability and exhibition-related expansion politically commercially. When a political change is generated sometime soon in the same way as other countries in China, I believe it”.

—How should the developed nation go out with China?

“If China fails, the world becomes unstable poorly. The developed nation participates in China and should build the good relations. However, we should not match all with China. Japan had better discuss China and the issue of history for opening. On the other hand, Japan should not be troubled in China and should not become nervous.


“China does not have the rule of law, and there is the rule of the party”. 

I think that the words that he said apply to the present Japanese government. The prime minister and the chief secretary of the party are doubted with the central figure of the issue of money for political activities that there is illegality. The prosecution holds suspicion in them and is investigating it.

The ruling party pressures the prosecution. It is an act in violation of separation of threes powers of administration. It is recognized that the existing ruling party/socialism political party feels close to China. However, the citizen did not choose the existing ruling party to imitate the Chinese dictatorship.

Japan greets a democratic crisis if the existing ruling party dismissed the Public Prosecutor General.

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