The flight by airplane becomes clumsy without the continuation inworld. Because I did not fly for a while, I became clumsy. I am detached water from Waypoint Yacht Club of the USS.


飛行は継続しないと腕落ちちゃうよww ここんとこ乗ってないから下手になった・・・ USSのWaypoint Yacht Clubから離水。

I was cursed abusively today by an Australian inworld.  He said.

“The Japanese is inferior to Australian. You do not have the qualification to be in SL. Leave SL immediately!”

Is Australia still White Australia policy? Many Indian are persecuted in Australia, and the Indian government flies into a rage now. Why do they judge the superiority and inferiority from a race?

今日はインワールドでオーストラリア人から口汚く罵られましたw 日本人はオーストラリア人より劣っているのでSLから去れたとさw まああの国はいろいろあるからねぇ。 今はインド人をバッシングしてインド政府が激怒してるけど、どうして人種で優劣をつけたがるんだ?

White are excellent and Asians are inferior, there is such thought surely. However, I am really said, and it is a shock.  Australia is to watch out for me.

白人は優秀でアジア人などは劣っているという考えは未だに思っている人は大勢いるのでしょう。しかし面と向かって言われると衝撃を受けますねww オーストラリア要注意だw


Er? Of course most people are good.  Few people have such a thought. However, the Australian canceling a commercial to kill a Japanese on TV is cautious.




 I have a large number of overseas friends.


I take heart and return to Heterocera 🙂

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8 Responses to Racist

  1. The Austrailian was an idiot – do not listen to him!

  2. iris Gabe says:

    I enjoyed today’s talk with Ujiyasu-san,
    Bach-san, and Tatsuya-san.
    I think that the Australian is not an ordinary person. ( He is crazy!)
    So do not mind any more about his comments ^^.
    See you.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    I want to think that world people seem to be you.
    I got courage from you.
    I toast the world and the U.K. 🙂

  4. ujiyasu says:

    iris, we own the rational friend in the world.
    HeadBurro Antfarm which there is reason encourages us. We should respect them. And we should cooperate with them. Second-Life should be opened fairly by world people.

    The person of a certain country should not direct the person of the specific country to leave.

    I agree to HeadBurro Antfarm really again.

  5. Nish Mip says:

    I think you should of reported him. I don’t see the point of having people like this in Second life or Real life they are a waste of space . I’m sorry that you had to encounter this low life Ujiyasu. It’s makes me feel so angry but as Head has said it is not worth listening to this pathetic individual he is of a very small group who feel the need to make their lives seem more important by abusing others. I feel sorry for the human race when I hear of these sad specimens of ignorance.

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you Nish:)
    If world people seem to be you, the world becomes the gentler place.Extremely few people are radical and abuse another person. I know that people of the majority inworld are very tender people.

    I do not intend to say that all the Japanese actions are right. I am convinced that the mutual understanding deepens because people talk well.

    However, the poorness of the Japanese English conversation is disgusting(include me).

    Reality that many Japanese English teachers are poor at English lol

  7. Not sure if this will cheer you up but here’s a video about Australians and how New Zelanders despise them. Comedy, mind you.

  8. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you,baker 🙂
    The comedy sometimes reminds us of essence kindly.

    We can deepen understanding by talking more.

    Rejection for talking in English,I think this to be a Japanese fault. The Japanese ratio seems to be only 4% inworld.

    It is an excellent comedy that the few Japanese expect communication only in Japanese lol.

    Then the Japanese cannot enjoy so internationality of SL.

    They do not notice it or pretend not to notice it. Japanese has the cause why Japanese is criticized by overseas people.

    Sry,I may not say the last sentence well…

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