The Route extension situation in Heterocera Jan. 20, 2010

Pavement of Route3 is in progress now. It does extension little by little every day. When I investigated a thing left behind of Mole put on the roadside,pawpaw called me from the rear. pawpaw explores Heterocera in detail than me.

Route3の舗装が進められていますが、毎日少しずつ伸びているようです。Moleが道に何か置いてったのを調べてたらpawpawさんに声をかけられてびっくり@@ 彼はあたし以上に詳細に公道の延伸状況を調べてブログに書いてくれています。

And pawpaw showed me the place of a way under construction. There was the way which diverged from Route3 to the Route2 direction. The construction interruption point is closed in a rock in this way. What meaning does this have? If I think, this is inconvenient. This may be a performance of Mole in charge of here.

で、pawpawさんに教えてもらったのがRoute3からRoute2方向へ分岐している道の存在。工事中断箇所はこのように岩で塞がれています。これ何の意味があるんでしょうねw 個人的にはとても不便なのですがMoleのパフォーマンスなんでしょうか・・・

This way intersects an unpaved part of Route4 in the northeast area. Furthermore, there is the dirt road reaching to Route2.


Route5 does extension, too and gradually approaches Maritime branch line.

Route5も延伸して次第にMaritime branch lineへ迫っています。

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