Heterocera : Forder Center at Blanda

I came over to terminal Nitida of the way which branched off of Route3.



I go from here to the east and go for the trekking of the northwest mountainous area well.


Though off-road led to the south of a dead-end way, I noticed and ran in Jeep at once.


A comfortable grassy plain 🙂  Even if anything is constructed sometime soon.

こういうとこ気持いいですねー^^ いずれ何か建つんでしょうけどw

A paved road appears.


This may be a petition to Linden Labo.


There is a village in Blanda when I look at the west from here. I went down to the village.


It is the village of a very good atmosphere here.

なかなかいい雰囲気の村ですね^^ あたしこういうの好き。

A deserted bus stop.  Good taste!!


It seems to be a place called Forder Center at Blanda here. The owner is good at construction of the scenery. It is equal to it with my preference.

Forder Center at Blandaという場所のようです。オーナーは風景作るの上手です。あたしの好みとぴったり合う。

Some shops,houses, a sand box, a park green tract of land,they are not special, but something seems to be good here.


I think that it is sensitivity of the owner. When the sensitivity of the owner accorded with the sensitivity of the beholder by the scenery, the scenery causes an impression.


If it thinks about a limit of the ability of SIM of SL to have chosen the deserted village daringly, I think that the owner is smart. There are many big cities that became a ghost town in SL.


I who was born and raised in the Japanese north feel friendly feeling in reality here.


Here is the ease that is not provided in the city.


I was amazed to learn that here was such a village.



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