The Marine Self Defense Force and US Navy, the 50th anniversary security treaty ceremony

On 19th when it was signed, and current U.S.-Japan Security Treaty greeted 50 years,in Marine Self Defense Force Yokosuka base of Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, a commemorative ceremony of the combination by Japan Marine Self Defense Force and US Navy was held.

An event while it circulates through the issue of United States Armed Forces airport transference of Okinawa, and the Japan-U.S. relationship becomes stiff.

In a ceremony from the Marine Self Defense Force Masahiko Sugimoto Self-Defense Fleet commanders,and Commander John M. Bird of the U.S.7th Fleet putting a flagship in the Yokosuka base from US Navy and Richard B. Wren commander of U.S. Naval Forces Japan attended.

However, unfortunately the most of Japanese citizens are ignorant of security. Most Japanese have interest only about one’s economic prosperity. They have hatred towards even PKO. And they chose the socialism Administration stupidly to get some medical treatments from the country.


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