The DE10 is a class of Japanese C-B wheel arrangement diesel-hydraulic middle cless locomotives. It was designed as the freight train / passenger car traction use at the branch line by JNR. 708 locomotives were built between 1966 and 1978.

Diesel DD51 for main line was put to practical use in 1962. It carried two DML61 system 1,000PS V-twelve diesel engines. And the design of the medium-sized locomotive which carried this one engine was realized. The cab of the locomotive is central, and there is engine front of it. Because the purpose of this is switchung and shuttle service of the short section, the indoor driver’s cab is arranged to the side. This moves a neck with a driver having sat down, and the reshuffling of the driving direction is possible placement.

A door and a dashboard are not yet installed in my DE10. However, the trial run is perfect 🙂

In the middle of a trial run, I met the locomotive which Jer and Yevad got on. Yevad was calm, and Jer was cheerful as always 🙂

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