A pirate ship disguised itself as a Norwegian ship.

Sea shepherd protest ship camouflages a Norwegian ship,Norway protests it  from Sankei News

Protest ship “Bob Barker” of the anti-whaling group sea shepherd which they continued attacking to the Japanese research whaling fleet camouflaged a ship in Norwegian registry and navigated the Antarctic Ocean on 18th. A simulation of the registry is violation of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which determined the navigation rule on high seas. The Japanese Government offers photographs and the video pictures which a fleet of whalers photographed to the Norwegian government. And Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dispatched a note of protest to SS by the same day.

By new protest ship that SS introduced “Bob Barker” into this anti-whaling campaign,and on January 6, she appeared before the mother ship / Nissin-maru of the fleet of whalers which navigated the Antarctic Ocean and interfered with the navigation. At this chance the Japanese side confirmed that Bob raised the Norwegian national flag of the whaling nation. The SS side accepted this fact, too and they let Japanese misunderstand Bob with the ship of the whaling nation and てthey was going to facilitate an approach and explained the reason.

According to Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bob is constructed in Norway in 1950’s, She was employed as a whaler and marine preservation ship in Norway,and registry was registered with Togo of the African central part last year.The Japanese Government requests it through a diplomatic channel for Togo to take the appropriate correspondence.

According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, A ship raise 1 more  national flags,and when it navigated,it is considered to be statelessness ship. The right that the navy war vessel of each country inspects is accepted for the statelessness ship, In Norway, the civil law to ask a penalty the national flag abuse of the ship is got ready.

According to a living-in-Norway Japanese Embassy,Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway dispatched the document of contents to protest in having used a national flag illegally on 12th to SS. In 90’s,captain Pole Watson of the SS attacked a Norwegian whaler. There are many Norwegian inhabitants holding loathsomeness to the SS.

The Japanese Government protests the obstinate sabotage of the SS severely. “Bob Barker” throws in a smoke maker in the 2nd Syonan-Maru to navigate the Antarctic Ocean on 15th and continues attacking it.

FLAG false: The former Norwegian whaling ship Bob Barker uses the Norwegian flag to fool the Japanese whalers. Photo: AP

Sea Shepherd lurer hvalfangere med norsk flagg  from Verdens Gang

(AP) The Norwegian flag is one of the newest weapons to the controversial organization Sea Shepherd to try to prevent whaling.

The organization ended up in the media spotlight earlier this week when one of their ship was crushed by Japanese whalers.

The Japanese have accused the organization of trying to sabotage them, while Sea Shepherd believes the Japanese engaged in illegal whaling.

On their website, type your organization how a Norwegian whaling ship is bought in to action against whaling, and that they also use the Norwegian flag to win the Japanese trust.

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Norway’s flag, however, was used to get closer the whalers, to sabotage the catch.

“The Japanese could easily believe that the Norwegians in support of whaling had sent a ship to help. But the joy was turned to despair when the Norwegian flag was replaced with the black and white skull flag, “writes the organization with regard to its own flag, which is a transformed variant of the old pirate flag.

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Published pictures of arrows

The organization writes that the former whaling ship, now called “Bob Barker”, was converted in Africa after it was purchased with financial support from just the TV personality Bob Barker, who spat in the five million U.S. dollars.

It should also have been the same ship that rescued the crew from the super yacht “Ady Gil” after collision with Japanese boat Wednesday.

 According to the organization’s leader and frontman Paul Watson as the goal is to have boats around the Japanese ships to disrupt them and thus destroy the whaling economically.

At the same time the Japanese whalers published photos of several sharp arrows, to use the bow or crossbow, which should have been found among the debris of Sea Shepherds damaged ship, which now has subsided.


Ikke bruk flagge vårt!(Do not use our flag!)


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4 Responses to A pirate ship disguised itself as a Norwegian ship.

  1. Dave Head says:

    Japan’s continued and expanded program of scientific whaling is inconsistent
    with its obligations under the Law of the Sea Convention, the International
    Convention for the Regulation of Whaling Convention, the Convention on the
    Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), and the Convention on Biological Diversity to protect and preserve the marine
    environment, to protect rare and fragile ecosystems and endangered species,
    to prepare environmental impact assessments when changes to the marine
    environment are likely to be caused by its activities, and to refrain from
    claiming resources under the guise of marine scientific research. This program is not legitimately “scientific” because it has not been
    peer-reviewed and does not have precise quantifiable goals. It is inconsistent with Japan’s obligations under the Convention on Biological
    Diversity because reduces the sustainability of whale species and has “adverse impacts on biological diversity.” It is unquestionably an abuse of right because it invokes Article VIII of the Whaling Convention in a manner
    that certainly was unanticipated by the framers of the Convention and has been repeatedly condemned by the majority of the other contracting parties to the Convention.
    Japan’s actions can be challenged by concerned states in the International Court of Justice or through the dispute resolution procedures of the Law of the Sea Convention and the conciliation procedures of the Convention on Biological
    Many of us who love whales now don’t buy any Japanese products.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    As for your insisting on whaling objection,and it is your freedom to boycott a Japanese product. However, you should do the argument in International Whaling Commission.

    If you blame that Japan violates a method of the whaling,the SS continuing an illegal act on high seas should be criticized.

    This is the complicated problem that the environmental problem of the economy of the culture contains.

    Imposition for us of the sense of values can think of your present opinion.

  3. Dave Head says:

    The international whaling commission by resolution has told Japan that it does not need Japanese research. The problem is that Japan does not honour it’s commitment to various conventions [ like the Antarctic treaty system] and others I mentioned in my first post.
    Japan buys the vote of small nations on the IWC to support its call for commercial whaling to resume.Japan does not respect the opinions of other nations.
    Most Japanese don’t eat whale meat. Japan only started killing whales in large numbers after the end of world war two when the population had little food – so it’s not a culture thing at all.
    Japan is over harvesting a lot of marine species.
    If the Japanese were honest they would admit they are carrying out commerical killing of whales.
    In the absence of legal action by anti-whaling governments it has been left to SSCS to defend whales that Japan is illegally killing

  4. ujiyasu says:

    “so it’s not a culture thing at all. ”
    You said.

    Do you know it well about Japanese culture? Where does it have the grounds to be said not to be it by culture?

    It was used a whale as medicine, a present as well as food in Japan from the 9th century.

    The Japanese illegality that you point out has a pro and con in IWC. Therefore, I do not deny you, but do not do the affirmation either.

    You should do the argument at the place of the issue of whaling. There is not it on the spot here.

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