Second Life 1942 vol.1

A carrier anchored in 1942 region. The creator of the carrier,Kuroe  explained it to me.
“It is the medium size aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy,Hiryū.”


Description: Japanese aircraft carrier HIJMS Hiryu
Source: US Navy Photo #: NH 73063
Post-Work: W.Wolny
Licence: Public Domain
Because the natural full length is 227.35m,the carrier is reduced to size of 80%.

Hiryū and Sōryū (the same type) constituted 2nd Carrier Division. The division includes the 23rd destroyer flotilla to guard carriers.


I had a long talk with Kuroe. He seems to make an effort in reduction of prims very much. In other words he continues always improving works. They are the number of the objects less than my expectation.

The 1942 region was introduced in a showcase of viewer (search tab).



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